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Since its formation, Goldenseal has developed a reputation as a high energy, high quality band which plays both original songs and covers. The band has received numerous awards and favorable reviews from music critics and journalists.

Goldenseal is a dedicated original band, but the members are also capable of playing cover material - especially music written by the pioneers of rock such as Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen. Current influences include bands such as Green Day and Cold Play. Accordingly, Goldenseal has the ability to play in clubs where covers are expected and, at the same time, interject its own brand of timeless and powerful rock and roll.


    I am the song writer, lead singer & rhythm guitar player for the band. I try to sing every song like it's my last chance to sing. While onstage, I feel the passion for both the lyrics and the music as they come directly out of people, feelings and events in my life. Goldenseal gives me the opportunity and platform to convey important concepts while entertaining many people. I believe in the contract that exists between musician and fan and decided several years ago to surround myself with the best musicians and people I could find - and to give 100 percent every gig I play. We love it when the crowd sings and dances with us (and plays cow bell!) Our original songs have taken us to places we never would have been so thank you all for your support of our original music!


    Pat Martucci is the drummer and backup vocalist. He has an extensive musical background playing drums, percussion, and piano. He has been dedicated to his craft since childhood and has studied with some of the best and most notable drummers / percussionists in the field. He has worked and recorded with many professional artists and has performed at many wonderful venues. However, he believes that being part of GOLDENSEAL is the most rewarding as the band is very creative, and the performances are always interactive and powerful. He firmly believes that the drummer's approach and impact on music, through dynamics and feel, can make a band sound great!


    Jesse is a classically trained musician, composer, and arranger specializing in upright and electric bass. He has performed in many tri-state area bands covering a wide range of styles including rock, jazz, country, latin, and hip hop as a freelance "hired gun". Along with playing as bassist for Goldenseal, Jesse offers his expertise in teaching as well as recording. Born into a musical family, and you'll often see his dad on stage playing harmonica. His music is full time! Influences range from Cliff Burton to Coltrane…


    Art joined Goldenseal in 2019 on lead guitar and backing vocals/harmonies, and sings lead on a few tunes. A 30+ year veteran of the NJ music scene, he is experienced in playing all types of venues large and small, and has played in a variety of bands performing covers and originals up and down the Jersey shore and beyond (most notably The Jonzes and Exit 105), in addition to having worked as a guitar and bass instructor teaching hundreds of students over a span of 20 years. A rock and blues player at heart, he started out playing metal but eventually returned to the rock/blues roots and also enjoys dabbling in pop, funk, country, classical, reggae, and punk rock. Art's influences include Eddie Van Halen, David Gilmour, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Robbie Krieger, Brian Setzer, Tom Petty, Steve Miller, and countless other musicians across a variety of styles. His approach to soloing is to find the balance between keeping it simple but interesting. 


Goldenseal's songs have been heard all over the world including on Japanese TV and on radio stations in the USA and other countries. Special thanks to 90.5 The Night (Brookdale) Radio, Rutgers (WRSU) Radio, Monmouth University (Hawk) Radio, Valley Arm Records, and NBT Records for exposing our music to the world. Place your order to purchase the CDs which include the songs which we play out at shows every gig. Thanks for your support of our original music!


Goldenseal 2015, Glory Days at the Jersey Shore
Word On The Shore

Goldenseal has 3 CDs available for purchase for $10 each.

Goldenseal One
(Includes Heroes from Japan TV and Silver Meteor which got us a record deal with NBT Records)

Streets of America
(Includes Streets of America signed to Valley Arm records and Beautiful Tonight a crowd favorite and a cover of Mary Janes Last Dance by Tom Petty.)

(Includes This Is My Home, Let It Slide and Rock This Place as well as Feed The Hungry written for the New Jersey Food Banks.)

Email Joe Hughes at [email protected] to place an order!


Joe Hughes
[email protected]




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